"I used to pick up water, but this is such a convenience and the price is very competitive. I encouraged my daughter and her husband to start ordering from H2Only and they love it too. I work at Governor Simcoe, and H2Only supplies us there. I have noticed that the water is disappearing faster than other water from previous suppliers."
Carol Dodge - Secretary, Student Services, Governor Simcoe Secondary School

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H2Only ~ Niagara's Better Bottled Water Delivery Service!

    If you are looking for...
  • Pure, clean reverse osmosis water
  • Delivery to your home or workplace
  • Excellent service
  • Competitive pricing
  • ... you've come to the right place!

Pure, Clean Reverse Osmosis Water

If you are going to drink water, doesn’t it make sense to drink the purest water you can? It does if you are interested in how things taste, and it does if you are concerned with the potential health benefits. More.

At H2Only, we work really hard to ensure that the water we deliver is as pure, clean, and sanitary as possible. Our seven-stage filtration system gets our product down to about 1-3 parts per million total dissolved solids (tap water in Niagara is typically at 150), and our six-step bottling system makes sure both the water and the bottles are at their best as they go out of our facility

The result? Water that actually tastes like… well, nothing, actually. It’s quite fun watching people react the first time they taste our water, and having them react to it!

The fact that our water doesn’t have a taste means two things: first, it means that our tongues are very sensitive indeed, and can tell the difference even a little bit of anything in the water makes, so that anything you DO add to the water will be the taste you enjoy, like your coffee, tea, or soup ingredients. The water lets your taste-buds actually taste what they are meant to, and that makes a real difference!

Secondly, clean water means less work for your body. Specifically, your kidneys don’t have to do your filtering for you… we’ve done it already. It’s not for nothing that doctors recommend to their patients with kidney stones that they start drinking filtered water, after all! Hide

Delivery to Your Home or Workplace

Our specialty is delivery of large-format three and five-gallon (18.9 and 11.7 litre) bottled water to homes and businesses in the Niagara Peninsula of southwestern Ontario. Whether you need three bottles or thirty, we’re here to serve you! More.

Given our central location in St. Catharines we have the opportunity to serve the bottled water needs of the residents and workplaces of our city, and ranging from Stoney Creek/Binbrook to Niagara Falls, and from Lake Ontario to Welland / Fonthill.

Are you in our delivery zone? Please check our delivery zone map: if you are inside the blue zone, we'll gladly take care of your bottled water needs! Take a moment to visit our delivery service pages to see how we can take care of your needs as well!Hide

Excellent Service

H2Only Bottled Water Delivery Service is a Reverse Osmosis water filtration /purification, bottling company with a clear accent on customer service. Our delivery schedule is, by-and-large, what YOU say it is! More.

If you live in St Catharines / Thorold, we can deliver to you any workday. If you live in Niagara Falls / Niagara-on-the-Lake Virgil / St Davids, we deliver every Monday and Thursday. Locations west of St Catharines, including Jordan, Vineland, Beamsville, Smithville, Grimsby, the “mountain” area south of these (Caistor Center, ect), as well as Stoney Creek, Binbrook, get delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays. And finally, Welland / Fonthill / Pt Colbourne /Fort Erie get served on Thursdays. Not sure where you may fit in? Call and we’ll sort it out.

We offer two delivery service options: you may either choose to be ‘on call’, where you call us when you need your next delivery, and we will come the next available delivery date, or you can arrange for a scheduled delivery, where we automatically show up weekly, or every two weeks, or whatever interval best suits your needs. Bear in mind that we have a three-bottle minimum delivery (no maximum), and would prefer to deliver your full order when possible, though that is certainly not a necessity.

Another service, one we DON’T offer, which our customers very much appreciate and enjoy: H2Only does not do “contracts.” You are only tied to our service for as long as you want it. if you are unhappy with what we offer, and we can’t make it right, you are free to leave at any time. We’ll be sorry to see you go, of course, but that’s just the way it goes.

Of course, we accept cash, cheques, the major credit cards (Visa, M/C, Amex), and Interac.Hide

Competitive Pricing

One of the founding principles of H2Only is that we offer realistic pricing. We may not be the cheapest, but we certainly are not the most expensive, and if you combine the quality and service, our price is easily “best value!” More.

We charge $6.95 per five-gallon bottle (three bottle minimum delivery), and $5.25 per three-gallon bottle (four bottle minimum delivery.) A one-time ten dollar deposit is charged per bottle (no deposit is charged when we exchange bottles.) We also have Oasis coolers for rent at $60/year +HST, which we pro-rate if you decide to buy your own cooler.

Be sure to ask us about our volume discounts (start with as few as 6 5-gallon bottles)!

H2Only has no hidden fees. No delivery charges. No fuel surcharges. No invoicing fees. No surcharge for credit card payments. Nothing like that at all. The only service charge we ever bill is for NSF cheques, which simply makes sense, right? Hide

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