About H2Only's Website

Welcome to the H2Only Inc. official corporate website!

This website was created by John Snippe, one of the owners of H2Only, with much creative and editing help from Janessa, the office manager, and Wilma, the company president. The 'cartoon' artwork you see spread around the site is repurposed from original work done for us by Mark Beaudry at Couch Studio (the guy's a bit of a genius, actually.) Also, some very good ideas have been coming in from those visiting the site. Suggestions are always welcome!

The site was 'hand-rolled' using Coda as the coding/ writing/ file management application, and Mamp Pro as the development platform. The site utilizes fairly basic but reasonably valid HTML5, CSS2, and is ready for database integration for a php/mysql blog/vlog solution, to be implemented in the near future (read: spring 2016). Further, this site has been written from the ground up with a full awareness of mobility. Not 'mobile first' per se as you can see if you visit on a desktop/laptop but fully compliant nonetheless. If you find otherwise, we'd really appreciate hearing from you.

This is a simple 'wire-frame' project, using PHP Include files to create all the non-unique-per-page (and even some of the unique) content on the site: write it once, and use it over and over. This serves three functions:

Creating this site has been a very long process. Originally begun in early 2010, work was abandoned (medical crisis) until the summer of 2013, and then still took till the end of 2013 to launch. At that time, the site was functional but incomplete: whole sections that are coming online now (early 2016) were part of the original plan, but have been slow in getting done. However, I have committed to getting the original site plan completed by early summer of this year, including a blog/vlog section (yes: vlog. A whole other learn there.) I am also adding this page (writing it on Valentine's Day, 2016... how's that for romantic, eh?) at this time, so the 'update list will be sketchy at best pre-now. Sorry, if that's important to you.

Update List, in reverse chronological order, accurate from February, 2016.

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