You've probably been reading about water companies purchasing vast amounts of water from water tables in various parts of Ontario to produce disposable bottles. This process is extracting millions of litres daily, but if consumers demand it…

That's where the change begins. I'd like to take a moment to give some info about where H2Only is at regarding this, and why our sensible (not new, but smart nonetheless) alternative to disposable water bottles is such a great choice ecologically.

In 2008, just near the beginning of the huge growth in disposable water bottles, we made the decision to stop manufacturing them. It might seem crazy to cancel a product from our line just as it was gaining in demand but the dangers of disposable bottles were already apparent to us. At H2Only we firmly believe that as business owners we have a responsibility to the environment. If consumers were going to buy disposable bottles, it wouldn’t be from us.

We have always encouraged our clients to have refillable sport bottles for each member of the family. (We sell them for only $2.50 each if you need any.) Make sure that before work or school, or any outdoor event or physical activity, you fill your own bottle at home before you head out. Ta-da: No waste!

H2Only’s 3- and 5-gallon polycarbonate bottles are manufactured north of Toronto (as locally as possible!) and can be reused hundreds of times! To give you some idea: every 100 times one of our 5-gallon bottles cycles through the system, it takes the place of almost 4,000 500ml bottles… yes, four thousand! In it’s live expectancy, one 5-gallon bottle can replace 10-15,000 500ml PET bottles (and caps, and labels, and shrink-wrap, and cardboard… you get the point), and do so economically, and with no unhealthy side effects: this polycarbonate is inert, which is not the case with polyethylene terephthalate. When they finally do break or crack, we bring our bottles to Niagara Recycling, which gladly takes them, as polycarbonate plastic is of a very high grade and in much demand (as opposed to the PET disposable single-serving bottles, which are a long way down the recycling demand chain.) Further, almost everything at our facility used in the process of bottling this water from used caps and boxes to our work-worn skids get reused or recycled, limiting waste as much as possible.

And we haven't even talked about the water in those 500ml bottles... we'll save that for another post. It'll be a good one!

Please share this info with any friends or family members who might not be aware of alternatives to disposable bottles of water, or how easy it really can be to make this important change.

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We're committed to your health and to the environment. Our vision in that regard hasn't changed much since 1994… only gotten a bit better!


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