Looking for something to do today? Not going to the parade, or maybe to go to afterward? How about the Merritton Fall Fair? Come and meet TWO major celebrities: Pokemon’s Pikachu and H2Only’s Wilma!!

H2Only at the Merritton Fall Fair

Via Snapd St Catharines:

Mom Entrepreneurs Niagara Presents our First Annual Fall Fair on Saturday September 24th from 9-2 at the Merritton Community Centre at 7 Park Avenue in St. Catharines. This family fun event is a way for local business owners to show case their products and services and to connect with the community. Support local business and shop local to contribute to a better Niagara!

Nailed It Stephanie Visser / Nailed It at the Mom Entrepreneur fair

Upcycle Canada Jenn Campbell / Upcycle Canada representing!

Discovery Toys Discovery Toys & Laurie Couch

Creative Space Meghan Hines and Creative Space

These are just a few of the local folk representing today at the Merritton Fall Fair. Come on by and see what they have to offer... you'll be surprised at the variety!


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