H2Only now delivers in Burlington, Ontario!

After several years of growing westward, and of fielding calls from you, H2Only, a reverse osmosis bottled water delivery company, has finally reached Burlington! We had already been delivering to a small number of high-volume clients, but as of this past August we’ve added your city to our regular schedule, and begun efforts to increase our exposure there.

H2Only is a new member the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, and we are exploring other networking opportunities. The purpose of these networking encounters is to become better acquainted with the community: it’s people, it’s specific needs, and how we can best serve.

We are very gratified by the response so far. We started in Hamilton a year ago, and Burlington looks to be as exciting an opportunity for H2Only as Hamilton is proving to be. We’ve picked up new clients already, and we’ve not even begun marketing yet. Other than some networking via the chamber, this blog post is in fact the first ‘promo’ effort we’ve done directed to Burlington.

That’s not to say we will be doing a big ad campaign: H2Only historically hasn’t been involved in such activities. We rely on word of mouth (or should that be ’taste in mouth’) to achieve our growth, and have had great success since 1994 using that simple, time-tested method. We are quite certain that once the word gets out on the quality of our water, the excellence of our service, and our reasonable pricing, Burlingtonians will be quite accepting of H2Only as your bottled water delivery company.

We certainly look forward to proving our claims above to you! To that end, we would invite any Burlington businesses or residents interested in trying our product to give us a call and request a free sample delivery!


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