This past Sunday morning my daughter Grace and I joined several hundred folks to take a bike ride or a run or a power walk or a saunter through beautiful Port Dalhousie for five kilometres, the purpose of which was to raise funds for cancer research. It was by all reports a highly successful event: 6-700 participants, $47,000 raised, excellent weather. I was definitely of the ’saunter’ variety this year: started in the middle of the pack, and ended up close to the back, with a stellar finishing time of 1:11, as you can see in the video!

This was H2Only’s first time as a sponsor/supplier for this event (we look forward to doing it again next year!), and my first sortie into any such activity personally, at least in the past 40-odd years. As a cancer survivor myself (I celebrate 5 years of remission from Multiple Myeloma today), I certainly appreciate and have significantly benefited from the many hundreds of millions of dollars that have gone into cancer research. If it wasn’t for the investment of time, effort, and money by many,many people… well, I simply wouldn’t be writing this today. It’s that simple. It’s that basic.

So is the solution. I spent a few hours on a Sunday morning. Hundreds of us did. We pledged $5, $50, $500. One group pledged $6000, it was announced at the park before we left for our walk. That money? It pays for people, and the labs they work in, to figure out just what the heck this “cancer” thing is, and how to deal with it. And they are getting it done. But there is a ways to go yet. We certainly haven’t beaten cancer yet.

Next year, please join me in taking a walk for a good cause. Or two. Or three. There are certainly quite a few opportunities for us to fund-raise. I, for one, will be getting more involved as long as my health will allow me!

Anyhow… enjoy the video slideshow and see you next year!!

Colophon ~||~