Some of you may have seen the above tweet this weekend. There is a need, and this is a shout-out from us for them.

This afternoon, H2Only delivered what we could to help, and I asked Wilma (da boss) to write something about this. Here’s what she said:

Every November we send out an e-mail to our customers asking for donations of warm clothing for Out of the Cold. This program operates all winter and is sponsored by a number of St Catharines churches. Each and every night between November 1st and March 31st, seven downtown churches host those in need for a hot meal and, if needed, a place to sleep. Breakfast is provided before they leave for the day.

I volunteer on Saturday evenings at Queen Street Baptist (the ‘chili church’) and distributes the bounty H2Only customers have donated. For 14 years now our less fortunate folks receive winter coats, warm socks, blankets, boots, and much needed small toiletries. We have received so much (more every year, it seems) that we have been able to share this bounty of gifts with Community Care, the YWCA, Niagara Life Centre, and Warehouse of Hope which will, for instance, send linens to hospitals in Haiti. Our customers have stepped up to the plate and shown so much generosity and kindness, time and time and time again.

We are so grateful to have been able to help ease the suffering in our community and abroad and make winter more bearable for many families. One of the directors of Community Care thanked you all today. We had just delivered 24 winter coats as well as sweaters, pants, sheets, pillows, and scarves. We agreed that just a little direction is all that is needed to help people open their closets and release what isn’t being used. My own rule of thumb: if I haven’t worn it in 2 years, I probably won’t wear it again… and someone else surely will, and be happy with it!

Below is a picture of one of the piles of clothes we delivered to Community Care today (we will probably deliver similar piles another 3 or 4 times... not to mention the many more that go to Out of the Cold and elsewhere)

*Clothes for Community Care*

As you can see, the need is ongoing, and so our efforts need to be as well. We at H2Only do what we can, but we are just a small company and the requirement is large. Maybe, as you read this, you and your workplace might be inspired to help as well. If so, here is the contact page for Community Care. I know Betty-Lou Souter and the good folks there will be happy to hear from you!

Colophon ~||~