Welcome to H2Only's Blog!

We've been around since '94, but it has taken this long to get around to actually starting a bit of information sharing with you... looooong overdue.

The basic purpose of this blog will be to write and/or share information regarding water, hydration, and health / wellness. There's a lot to be said in those subject areas, and over time we hope to grow this into a bit of a resource library for folks like yourself to be able to come to for ideas, directions, and maybe even answers. We'd love your feedback as well: this isn't something we are going to be able to do on our own, and who better to input than those using the site, right? So please: tell us what you know, or ask us what you'd like to know!

In the future (hopefully near) we will also be using this blog to share some interesting stories about our customers and folks we network with. Not at all necessarily related to the subjects above, but more by way of introducing new people, new ideas, new businesses, new whatever! This sharing will take several forms: written stories, podcasts, and even short videos are by no means out of the question... everybody loves YouTube, right? Well, we do too, so why not join the bandwagon!

Sd yo how this blog works: it is quite simple and conventional. If you load H2Only.ca/blog you will come to the front blog page. There you will find a list of posts, with the newest on top. You can simply scroll down and select whatever post(s) you wish to read.

Alternately, we also have categories and tags, listed on the right side of your browser screen Categories are the general themes of the blog, so if you have a particular subject you'd like to concentrate on, just click on one of those cagegory links, and you will be shown a page of blog posts within that category, again, with the newest first. Same goes with the tags, although there will be far more of them and they will be more general in nature, often about an event, or something current to the time that may have a few blog posts associated with it (think twitter hashtags).

And finally, you can search on any word or phrase you might be interested in... the usual search rules apply.

Eventually, we will be creating RSS feeds and update subscriptions for this blog, but for now we just want to get going. Rome took several centuries to get built, and some days it feels like this blog solution is going much that way! So... having said all that, let's get going!!


Colophon ~||~