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At H2Only, customer service is all about you!

We know that when you are looking for service, two important qualities you look for are simplicity and flexibility. Having to jump through all kinds of hoops, deal with all kinds of issues, or have to do a whole lot of decision-making shouldn't be a big part of the process... you want it simple. Also, you want it the way you want it, and you want the company you are dealing with to be able to accommodate that, right?

At H2Only,we are customers as well, so we applied those ideas directly to our business. We figure that if we want to be treated that way, surely everyone else does too! So, what does that mean as far as you dealing with H2Only is concerned?

H2Only only does one thing: we deliver reverse osmosis bottled water. That’s it. Not hot tubs. Not groceries. Not auto parts. Not spring water. Not remineralized or vitaminized or ozonated or who-knows-what water… just clean, pure reverse osmosis water delivered in professionally cleaned and sanitized 3- and 5-gallon bottles. For more details, please visit our bottled water product page

Also, we don’t have a store front. We only deliver. We have a good reason for that... read more about it on our 'about' pages.

What about that delivery? Isn’t that complicated? No, it isn't. What we do is come to you when you need us. That’s pretty simple, we think.

Simple… and flexible: we deliver to you either when you call us to come, or at a mutually-agreed scheduled time, or both. Whatever it takes to make it work for you, we're willing to try! We keep it uncomplicated and try to accommodate your needs. That, after all, is what service is about, right? For more complete details, take a moment to visit our Service page

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