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More information about who/what H2Only is

Who is H2Only?

H2Only Inc. is a reverse-osmosis water processing, bottling, and delivery company located in St Catharines, in the Niagara region of Ontario. Proudly serving the bottled-water needs of home, business, and wholesale clients, which we've been doing since 1994. For a few more details, take a moment to visit our introduction 'about us' page.

H2Only customer service info

How easy is H2Only to deal with?

H2Only has a very simple basic operating principle: the customer comes first. Our whole purpose as a business is to make bottled water a non-issue, to make it easy. We offer options in price and product... but when it comes to service we offer no options at all: we do it your way, if at all possible! For more on how we make that happen, please take a moment to look at our "making it easy for you" page

Local. Sustainable. Pure.

Is H2Only local? Are we green? How does our water taste?

Three good questions. And the answers? Yes, yes, and great! Yes, we are local. Located in St Catharines, we deliver to the Niagara Region, doing all the work right here. Yes, we work very hard at reducing our ecological footprint. And, if we don't mind saying so ourselves, our water tastes terrific. (actually, it tastes like nothing at all... but for water, that's pretty terrific, we think!) We obviously can't answer all these questions in one paragraph so if you want to read a bit more, check out our "local, sustainable, pure" intro page that explains in more detail!

What's the price?

How much does H2Only's water cost?

That's a fair question, and deserves a fair answer, and at H2Only, we're not afraid to answer questions (even this one) directly and honestly. We publish our prices online (visit the product pages), so anyone can know that we are a fair and reputable company. Note also that we don't charge fees, service charges, fuel surcharges, or any other 'secondary' pricing that you never see coming. The price you see online is the price you pay. Take a look at our 'Dollars and Sense' intro page to learn more...

Contact H2Only

Would you like to contact H2Only?

If you have any questions, would like to place an order, or want to try a sample bottle... we're only a phonecall away: 905-934-0966 (toll-free: 1-888-834-0966). Or go to our contact page

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