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Welcome to H2Only Inc. ~ Niagara's Premier Bottled Water Delivery Company!

H2Only, Inc. delivers reverse osmosis filtered bottled water in 3- and 5-gallon bottles (11.7 and 18.9 litre) to homes, schools, and businesses in the Niagara Region. It is quite likely that we deliver to a neighbour of yours!

In business since 1994, we started out as Purely Water Niagara, which we changed it to H2Only within a couple of years, then went to H2Only Bottled Water Delivery Service, and as of the spring of 2013 we are known as H2Only Inc.

Initially a home-based business with all the equipment in the basement of our north-end St Catharines home, we outgrew the space and moved to a location on Northrup Crescent, right across the street from Happy Rolph’s. In 2009 we moved to our current location at 2 Cushman Road, St Catharines, near the Homer Bridge and basically under the St Catharines Skyway Bridge.

H2Only, Inc. only does one thing: we process, bottle and deliver reverse osmosis water. We also supply coolers for purchase and rental. We don’t do anything else. Since we concentrate on one thing, we make sure we do it well: product / customer service excellence. Many of our clients are of the opinion that we are successful in our efforts... just read some of our customer testimonials. Also, since we spend all our effort on doing one thing well, we don’t need to, indeed are not really able to, ‘diversify’… customers appreciate what we do, and we appreciate their loyalty!

If you are interested in more detail about who we are and how we operate, please take a few moments to visit our “about us” pages!

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