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Pure, sustainable, and local... that's H2Only!

At H2Only, some things just make sense. For instance, it just makes sense to produce water that people like, water that tastes good. The way we make this happen is actually quite simple: we make our water as pure and clean as we possibly can, and let your taste buds and body do the rest as far as deciding if our water is good or not.

Another focus is sustainability. Being eco-smart usually means being financially smart at the same time and even when it doesn’t it rarely costs much more to do the right thing. For instance: we use a multi-pass reverse-osmosis filtration system. That does three things for us: it gives us cleaner water, wastes less water to do so, and only uses a bit more energy. Also, recently we upgraded our bottle washing/filling machinery to utilize hot wash water that is heated by natural gas rather than electricity with a more efficient process. Again, the ecological and financial came together: we now use less energy at a much lower cost to do a better job. It just makes good sense on every level, and we are always actively looking for more such opportunities to do the right thing.

Another part of our eco-sensibility comes in our delivery service, and that again is just plain being business smart as well. We are very careful in our delivery scheduling and routing to make sure we send out efficient delivery loads. This saves on time and fuel, which directly equals a reduction in our ecological footprint.

We recycle our water and almost all of our consumables, and we try to be as time and energy efficient as possible… we really do try to be an environmentally friendly bottled water company! And, of course, yes we’re local. We live and work in St Catharines, in Niagara. Always have. Always will.

So: is H2Only ‘green’? Yes. Well, not our water (it is crystal clear), but how we run our business certainly is! Are we local? Absolutely! Does our water taste good? Our clients seem to think so, and we certainly do… but only you can decide that!

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