About H2Only

Simply put: at H2Only we are all about the purification, bottling, and delivery of Reverse Osmosis water to homes and businesses in the Niagara Region of Ontario.

We began in 1994 out of the basement of the home of the owners, John and Wilma Snippe, with John as the sole employee of the business: bottling, filling, and delivery, as well as the paperwork. The business stayed 'part time' for John for many years, as he also had another business dealing with web development. However, as the business grew, it demanded more time, more space. So we moved the operation to 2 Northrup Crescent, in the Port Weller business park (right across from Happy Rolfs... interesting neighbours!). By now, John was working full-time in the operation of the business.

Eventually we outgrew the space at Northrup, and moved to our current location at 2 Cushman Road (right under the Skyway Bridge). At this time Wilma also joined the business full-time. And now, in 2014, on the 20th anniversary, we have additionally three drivers and an office manager.

Growth has been slow but steady over the years. Looking back, it seems hard to believe that what is now a bedroom was once the entire H2Only domain! Looking forward, we feel very positive. Business is never easy, and we do not take anything for granted, but we know that we have an excellent product, and strive daily to improve our service, and so we cannot help but think that the future is looking very good for H2Only!

Colophon ~||~