H2Only: the water sanitizing and bottling process

H2Only does not just take a bottle, walk up to the kitchen sink, fill it, and deliver it to your door. That’s probably not a news, but you might well be surprised at what does take to get H2Only water to your glass or mug of coffee!

At the H2Only production facility at 2 Cushman Road, there are two separate systems: water production/storage, and bottling.

The bottling system consists of three component areas: water polishing, bottle sanitation, and bottle filling .

H2Only’s water polishing is a two-stage process between the holding tanks and the bottling stage, including redundant UV sterilization and redundant charcoal/particulate filtration, with the purpose being assurance of no live biological contaminants, no particulate contaminants, and perfect taste.

The bottles go through our automated five-stage/nine-step wash/rinse/sanitation process (all stages & steps doing the inside and the outside of the bottles) including cap removal & visual inspection, a four-stage 150ºF soap/hot water wash, pre-rinse, three-stage ozonated sanitation rinse, and final product water rinse using the same reverse osmosis water that fills the bottles. Each bottle spends approximately eight minutes in this wash/rinse cycle prior to being filled.

After going through this extensive sanitizing process, the bottles are automatically transferred to a HEPA-filtered positive-air-pressure 'clean room' bottling compartment for filling and capping.

Then, one more visual inspection to make sure everything is up to standards, and the bottles are skidded in preparation for shipment to your door. These skids of bottles rarely spend three days in the warehouse… one or two is more normal.

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