What’s the best water bottle? Start a good habit today!

What’s the best water bottle? The one that will do you the most good?

That’s easy: the one you actually take with you!

Habits.  It takes six weeks to form a brand-new one or drop an old one.  It often takes just a slight twist to improve an existing habit, and that will take even less time.

Here’s a good habit: drinking water from the best bottle.  Yes, that’s right: that would be the one you take with you wherever you go.  Whether you are heading for school, or work, or a bike ride, you automatically grab your phone and keys. Now, just add your favourite reusable water bottle and you are ready for your day’s adventures.

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Are you already taking a disposable water bottle with you?

Good start (but maybe read this post about that)!  Now, slightly twist that habit and instead of reaching for a single-use bottle, reach for your own re-usable bottle.  Want to really make it the best water bottle? Fill it with pure H2Only water before you leave the house.  Better yet, chill it in the fridge the night before.   Or toss in a few H2Only ice cubes. As easy as that your old habit just got a whole lot better!

Reusable bottles come in so many shapes, materials, and sizes. You can pick one up anywhere.  Almost all of them are now BPA free which means there is no leeching, unlike disposables!  H2Only carries a 500 ml bottle that fits into bike carriers and coffee cup holders.  We sell them for $3.50 each or 2 for $6.00.  We’ll give you one for FREE when you become a customer!

Why bring water with you anyway?

Two reasons:

  • Your body needs roughly 8 glasses of water during the day to function at its best.  We’re talking internal organs, mental clarity, blood flow, energy.
  • If you don’t have water with you and you get thirsty,  you are more inclined to find something else to drink.  You know: beverages loaded with sugar, which is not what you body is asking for when you are thirsty. It needs water, not sugar.

H2Only: a slight twist on an old habit, or maybe a brand new one!

Good for your health.  Good for the environment.  A win- win. And: now you also know for a fact exactly which is the best water bottle!

Health is important to our family

The service and value is so incredible that we offer it in our workplace, passing the good taste to even our customers! Health is important to our family - so we drink up from morning to night! Pour some H2Only in the kettle and and taste what it does to your tea! Keep up the good work H2Only!

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Doubled if not tripled our intake

I have praised your company and water to many of my friends. Since this past August, 6 months ago, when you showed up at our door offering this delivery service of water, we as a whole family have doubled if not tripled our intake of water."

Lisa R.