Cases of water: Stop the craziness now! H2Only’s alternative

 Why on earth are you filling your grocery cart with cases of water?

  • Because it is quick, easy, convenient? Not really, right?
  • Because you want to be drinking pure, clean water? Well, that’s not the case, for sure.
  • Because it’s cheap? By the time you add up the cost, the hassle, the environment…

Cases of water - no!

Are you dumping out half empty disposable bottles left all around the house, outside, and in knapsacks? Are you thinking that maybe the recycle bin or garbage can shouldn’t be so full of water bottles every week?. Let’s face it, a disposable bottle might be handy to pick up if you’re out and about and thirsty, but buying cases of water isn’t such a great habit.

What if we showed you a realistic alternative?

Let me introduce you to a winning combination of health and ecology – H2Only!

H2Only delivers 3 or 5 gallon bottles right to your door when you need it.

Our bottle lasts for years. You empty it, we pick it up, sanitize it and re-fill it. A typical bottle will go through dozens and dozens of cycles. When it is ready to for recycling, we take it to Niagara Recycling. Not a single bottle ends up in the landfill. I can’t even start to do the math on how many disposable bottles one 5-gallon bottle keeps out of the landfill/ recycling system. Many thousands, for sure. A big win for ‘reduce/reuse’!


It was a wonderful day when H2Only became our water provider

Previously we had to contact our water provider as the bottles when opened had a strong odour and they would replace them but still the same results. It was a wonderful day when H2Only became our water provider. Keep up the great work.

Joy Patterson , Manager/ TD Canada Trust

Ready to kick the ‘disposable’ habit?
Pure, clean H2Only Bottled Water…
Free for an Entire Month!
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When switching from cases of water to H2Only, three things will amaze you:

  • How often the family will stop and get a quick drink
  • How much better truly pure water tastes
  • How simple and convenient H2Only makes it for you!

H2Only is good for you, and good for the environment: It’s a win-win.

Oh, and be sure to read our post on “the best water bottle“,  so that you don’t get caught thirsty when you’re out running around!

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