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Drinking and Water

H2Only is a bottled water delivery company. We deliver drinking water to homes and businesses in the Niagara Region, Hamilton, and Burlington. We’re all about drinking and water. This, then, is our main category.

Water is amazing stuff. It is the very basis of our lives, and the biggest part of what both us and the surface of our planet (at about 70% for both… how about that!?)

It is no coincidence that we’re called H2Only. Our purpose is to deliver water as pure as we can make it and still have it affordable. It is also the only thing we do. Water Only could be another name for us! By keeping our business simple we can spend more time and energy focusing on water quality.

This category will cover information about water, hydration, health and performance benefits. Also: water quality, various types of water, filtration methods, and storage.

H2Only’s purpose with this category is to provide some water education. Do you know what you are drinking? If you don’t know, you probably don’t care… and we would like you to care, so we’ll help you to know!