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Covid-Ready Since 1994
H2Only has been covid-ready since our first day in business. Bottled water delivery is what we do

H2Only: Covid-Ready Since 1994!

We’ve been delivering to the doors of homes and businesses for 26 years.

It’s a new year, but we aren’t out of the woods yet with Covid. Prime Minister Trudeau announced recently that it would be most likely September before every Canadian has received a vaccine. We will be in our current situation for a while yet, though it will start to get better as more people get vaccinated.

H2Only fits the bill for many people as we break away from our regular shopping habits and look for alternatives. Once you place your order, leave your empty bottles outside your door for us, and we come and replace them. No personal contact necessary! Contact-free delivered water is safe ~ and it’s healthy for you, too!

Because our water is pure, it contributes to your health. Your body has enough to do without filtering out whatever is currently coming out in your tap water. We’re all conscious now of how we can stay healthy- switching to pure water is one of the easiest and best choices you can make.

If you are new to H2Only and have empty re-usable bottles from a previous supplier, we can pick them up and treat them as your bottle deposits. See our website for details and to place your order! Covid-Ready Since 1994

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pure reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service to your home and workplace in the niagara region