Being in good health starts with the basics

Hey, busy mom!  What are you doing to keep your family in good health?

So here I was – four kids, a full time job, school reports, laundry on the go and supper to make… and finding no time to breathe.

As a parent, the time pressure can be overwhelming! Even if you added ten more hours to the day, it still wouldn’t feel like enough. But what niggles us more than the time pressure is the desire to do our best for our family. We want our kids to do well in school, have energy and be strong and in good health.

But what parent has time to do the research? How do we figure out the healthiest foods, vitamins, how much time to devote to physical activity? We pick up bits of information on Facebook, the internet, chatting with our friends. Unless we dig deeper, it becomes our truth, even if it is misinformation.

Family in good health

It starts with pure H2O!

Well, here’s some information that’s basic: being in good health starts with pure, clean water. The human body is 70% water, so this is the logical first step. How to source it, get it home and make it accessible for the family? Let me introduce you to H2Only!

H2Only began for our own kids. We wanted them to have the healthiest possible start in life. So, job one – no tap water for us. Good health starts with clean water. A growing child shouldn’t have to deal with tap water’s chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, and other people’s pharmaceuticals . When we couldn’t find anyone to deliver pure water affordably to our door (that busy mom syndrome), we realized there was a problem. We began H2Only for this very reason. We solved the problem for us… let us solve it for you exactly the same way.

H2Only is pure water. Our body’s internal organs have enough to do. Filtering unnecessary poison out shouldn’t be part of their daily job, assuming they even can.

Our kids are now healthy adults. We did our job for them. Now families all across the Niagara region and beyond can have that same healthy choice: H2Only. You can, too!

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