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H2Only has all you will require to start enjoying the clean, refreshing taste of pure water:

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Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

H2Only is a very simple business, with one main product: reverse osmosis (RO) purified bottled water. 

Our  water is multi-stage reverse osmosis filtered and purified, and fully UV-sanitized with a total dissolved solids rating of less than 3 parts per million (<3PPM TDS). Check the label on the water you are currently drinking... how do we compare?

We deliver our water in 18.9 liter (five gallon) and 11.7 liter (three gallon) formats, in polycarbonate bottles with handles and puncture caps for optimal convenience and sanitation.

Want to learn more about our water?  Visit our RO Water page!

Bottled Water Accessories

We also have a selection of hardware to make it possible for you to dispense and store that water, including:

  • coolers 
  • crocks
  • fridge boxes
  • cups
  • storage racks.

For more information on what we offer, please visit our accessory / hardware page

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Delivery Service

H2Only  serves the reverse osmosis (RO) bottled water needs of the Niagara Region, Hamilton, and Burlington, Ontario.

We offer two levels of service, depending on your requirements and location.  We can either set up a delivery schedule (weekly, monthly, whatever), or you can choose to call us when you need us to come, and we'll be at your door on the next available date in your area! 

Our service ideal is very simple:
We try very hard to serve each customer as we ourselves would like to be served.

For more detailed information on how H2Only's delivery service works, please visit our "H2Only Delivers!" page.


We have everything you need to start drinking pure, clean water...
 ...and it's all just a phone-call away!

Of course, the above are just things and facts.  The truth is in the tasting, isn't it?  We'd encourage you to call us and ask for a sample (or just fill in our comment/question form)... we'd be happy to get you started, because we know that once you TASTE H2Only water, we've got a new customer!

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