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H2Only, Inc. is located in St Catharines, Ontario, and serves the reverse osmosis (RO) bottled water needs of the Niagara Region. (see map below)

We offer two levels of service, depending on your wishes and needs, and on your geographical location. You can choose to be either ‘on call’ wherein you call us if and when you need a water delivery, and we come to you on the next available date. On-call customers need to call by 6PM on the day before their delivery date: We need time to set up our schedule for the next day!

Alternately, we can set up a schedule based on your consumption levels and simply keep you topped up. No phonecalls: we just automatically show up on the arranged optimal date. If your home or business is consistent in its water use, this is probably an idea you’d want to consider. And, of course, if it turns out that we are delivering too often or not often enough, we can adjust the schedule to suit.

We deliver to different areas on different dates. This is not a “hard-and-fast rule” thing (H2Only doesn’t do contracts or anything like that), but to reduce costs and maintain our price-point we need to be as efficient as possible. Delivering in designated areas at particular times helps with that. Our areas and delivery dates are as follows… emergencies excepted, of course… as a rule we try hard not to let you be without water!

Our Schedule:

  • St Catharines and Thorold ~ Daily
  • Niagara Falls / N.O.T.L. ~ every Monday & Thursday
  • Welland / Fonthill ~ every Wednesday
  • Port Colborne ~ every second Wednesday
  • Ft Erie ~ Every second Thursday
  • Jordan to Stoney Creek north of Hwy 20 / Sixteen Road (inc. Smithville) ~ every Tuesday & Friday
  • Niagara South ~ Binbrook, Dunnville & Twp of Wainfleet (Reg. 65 (Silver St)/Hwy 20 to Reg. 24) ~ every second Friday
  • Hamilton & Ancaster ~ Every Friday
  • Burlington ~ Every second Friday

Not sure your location is included? Please call!

Our current delivery area is everywhere inside the blue shape on the map below:

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