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H2Only has you covered for all y0ur bottled water hardware needs.  Whether you need to dispense or store your water, we have something to take care of y0u.

Can’t find what y0u need?  Call us!  We probably have a lead on it!

Bottled Water Coolers

At H2Only, we offer everything you need for your bottled water cooler needs. Whether you wish to purchase or rent a cooler, need a cooler temporarily, or to have your cooler cleaned, we can take care of it.
Coolers to purchase
We carry ThermoConcept ‘Kelvin’ coolers. Made in Canada, and come with a 3-year warranty (some coolers nowadays come with a 90-day warranty… be sure to check!) We carry both room temp/cold and the hot/cold, your choice at $250.00

Coolers to rent

We also rent the above coolers at $99.00 per year, full year pre-paid. If you do not need the cooler the full year, we pro-rate the rent overage and either apply it to your account or refund the difference.

Coolers for short term use or an event

Have an event that needs water? We will rent you as many Oasis room temp/cold coolers as you need at $20/day each, including delivery and retrieval. Naturally, we’ll also gladly supply the water, and will waive the $10 bottle deposit (but will of course charge it on any unreturned bottles)

Cooler cleaning

Cooler cleaning is something special at H2Only. We pick up your cooler and bring it to our ‘cooler spa’ where we give your bottled-water cooler a thorough sanitizing. While your cooler is at our spa, we even bring you a loner so you do not have to be without water while your unit is having it’s mini-holiday! Cost is only $30.00 for this service package!


Dispensing Fridgebox

Our polycarbonate fridge box (same material as our bottles) is very popular. It holds two gallons and has a tap. Dimensions are roughly 20x20x30cm (8x8X12″) so it easily fits in the fridge… or it can be kept on the counter, table, where-ever. You can even invert our water bottle on it: our ‘Poorboy Cooler’!
Priced at $20.00
Operating note: don’t tighten the lid when using, as the vacuum created will stop the water coming out after about two cups of water have been dispensed.

Spill-resistant cap ~ the ‘Doohickey’

If your cooler doesn’t have a puncture spike (all the new ones do), or if you are using a crock or fridgebox as a ‘bottle-on dispenser’, and you are having trouble with splashing water, our Doohickey is the answer. Remove the cap from the bottle, put on the Doohickey, wait a second or two for the ball to float to the top, and ta-da… no spilling! Not absolutely perfect, but it certainly makes a very big difference (a few drops rather than a big splash!)
Priced at $12.00


4-oz “Eco” compostable cups- sleeves of 50 @ $5.75
7-oz waxed paper cups – case of 20 sleeves x 50 cups @ $75.00

Cooler Cup Dispenser

Our cup dispenser mounts on the side of the cooler, and holds a sleeve of cups, which are removed one at a time from the bottom of the dispenser.
Priced at $20.00

Water Bottle Storage Racks

Simple storage at it’s best! If you’d prefer to not have them all over your floor getting in the way and taking up valuable space, these racks for your water bottles are an easy way to keep the area neat and organized. Designed to be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the bottles, protect them, and look good doing it, this is the way to go!

3-bottle rack ~ $95.00
6-bottle rack ~ $130.00
Other racks and shelves available by special order. Call for details.

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