Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

H2Only’s reverse osmosis purified water: Only H2O!

Our product is multi-stage filtered reverse osmosis purified water, fully UV-sanitized with a total dissolved solids rating of less than 3 parts per million (<3PPM TDS).

We deliver our water in 18.9 liter (five gallon) and 11.7 liter (three gallon) formats, in bottles with handles and puncture caps.

All bottles are washed and sanitized inside and out using 160ºF fresh (rather than constantly reused increasingly dirty) water, high-solubility food-grade detergents, disinfectants, and sanitizers (no bleach or other chlorine-based products, as they leave residues), and ozone in the final rinse, in a seven-stage bottle cleaning prior to filling and delivery.

We bottle almost daily, so our delivered water and bottles are freshly processed, rather than sitting in a warehouse or on a store shelf for weeks/months!

Pricing on 5-gallon bottles:

  • 3-7 bottles per delivery @ $7.50 ea.
  • 6-11 bottles @ $7.00 ea.
  • 12-19 bottles @ $6.25 ea.
  • 20-31 bottles @ $5.50 ea.
  • 32+ bottles @ $4.80 ea.

Bigger volumes / wholesale pricing? Let’s talk!

Pricing on 3-gallon bottles: $5.55 ea.

Please note that we have a 12-gallon minimum delivery, which means a minimum of 3×5-gallon or 4×3-gallon bottles per delivery

H2Only charges a $10.00 refundable loss/damage deposit (+HST) on our bottles… be aware that an increasing number of companies do not offer refunds.

H2Only introduces a new idea to the bottled water industry: bottle trade-in. If you have a bottle from another company and do not want the hassle of returning it to them, or they won’t give you your deposit money back… we’ll take it. We only charge a $2.00 fee for re-labeling the bottle. We reserve the right to refuse bottles that are not up to our standards or are not compatible with our system (they must be ‘snap cap’ with a handle and no molded signage, for instance), but 90% of the time the bottles are acceptable.

Interested in drinking some H2Only reverse osmosis purified water?  If you live in our delivery area (view map), we have an offer for you!

We'd like you to try us out for a month.  Free.  No obligation.  

Just tell us how to get in touch with you below, and we'll get back to you to set up a delivery so you can start drinking our RO purified water!
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