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Bottled Water Accessories:
Fridge box water dispenser
The H2Only 'poor boy cooler': fits in your fridge and holds two gallons. Simple.

Polycarbonate water dispenser with lid and tap

The "Fridge box"

Fridge box water dispenser - the 'poor boy cooler'

Our polycarbonate fridge box (same material as our bottles) is very popular. It holds two gallons and has a tap. Dimensions are roughly 20x20x30cm (8x8X12″) so it easily fits in the fridge… or it can be kept on the counter, table, where-ever. You can even invert our water bottle on it: our ‘Poorboy Cooler’!

Priced at $20.00

Operating note: don’t tighten the lid when using, as the vacuum created will stop the water coming out after about two cups of water have been dispensed.

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