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Welcome to H2Only Inc. 

H2Only has been in the business of delivering reverse osmosis filtered bottled water in three- and five-gallon (11.7 and 18.9 litre) bottles to homes, schools, institutions, and businesses in the Niagara Region since since 1994, and more recently to Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario. If you live in this area, it is quite likely that we deliver to a neighbour of yours, or to someone you deal with.

H2Only's philosophy:

Offer the very cleanest water we can process, with the best customer service we can offer, at a fair and reasonable price.

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What we do

H2Only only does one thing: we process, bottle and deliver reverse osmosis water. We also supply coolers for purchase and rental. We don’t do anything else. Since we concentrate on one thing, we make sure we do it well. We strive for product and customer service excellence. Please take a few moments to read some of our customer testimonials. Since we spend all our effort on doing one thing very well customers appreciate what we do and we appreciate their loyalty!

Our Product: Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

Our bottled water is multi-stage reverse osmosis filtered and purified, and fully UV-sanitized with a total dissolved solids rating of less than 3 parts per million (<3PPM TDS).  That's clean.  Very clean.

Where does our water come from?  Well, sorry... it doesn't come from the Rocky Mountains or from the island of Fiji.  It doesn't come from a 'spring' (did you know the most popular 'spring water' in Ontario comes from a well in the middle of farm country just north of Hamilton?)  Nope.  It is supplied to us by none other than our regional public water purification plant at Decew Falls.  Yep. Our water starts out as tap water.  And then gets cleaned.  Really cleaned.  We take it from 150-175 PPM TDS which includes a nice sample of everything the petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries ever made, and turn it into the pure water your tastebuds enjoy and your body craves.  

At H2Only, we can also provide you with everything you need for your bottled-water dispensing needs. Whether you wish to purchase or rent a cooler, need a cooler temporarily, or to have your cooler cleaned, we can take care of it. Don't want a cooler?  We have options!

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At H2Only, customer service is all about you!

H2Only has a very simple basic operating principle: the customer comes first. Our whole purpose as a business is to make bottled water a non-issue, to make it easy.

When you are looking for service, two important qualities are simplicity and flexibility. At H2Only we apply those concepts directly to our business.

What about delivery? Isn’t that complicated? Well, what we do is come to you when you need us. That’s pretty simple, right?

Simple… and flexible: we deliver to you either when you call us to come, or at a mutually-agreed scheduled time, or both. Please bear in mind that given the size of our delivery area we may not be in your neighbourhood every day. We keep it uncomplicated and try to accommodate your needs, but we are also committed to reducing our environmental impact. 

H2Only: we deliver value with every stop we make!

There isn’t a company delivering bottled water in Niagara that can make the claims we make and prove every day about the quality of product, about service, about everything it takes to make a customer experience that is second-to-none in our business. And we do that at an absolutely competitive price.

*We really do think that drinking clean water is important.
*We really do think that giving good service is important.
*We really do know the value of a dollar… nobody wants to spend more than they have to, and most of us won’t if we can help it.
*We appreciate that you want to know that you are doing the best for your family, friends, and co-workers, offering the best water, and getting the best bottled water value... and that if we aren't providing that, you won't be with us long.

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How much does H2Only's water cost?

That's a fair question and deserves a fair answer. At H2Only we're not afraid to answer questions directly and honestly. We publish our prices online, so anyone can know that we are a fair and reputable company. Please note also that we don't charge fees, service charges, fuel surcharges, or any other 'secondary' pricing that you never see coming. Oh… and we don’t charge sales tax on our water. The price you see is the price. Full stop.

So... how much? The short answer:
     * $7.50 per 5-gallon bottle (before discounts)
     * $5.55 per 3-gallon bottle
(Minimum order of 3x 5-gallon and 4x 3-gallon bottles per delivery)
For more details, visit our "Reverse Osmosis" page!

Want to talk about getting started with H2Only?


You can either call us at 905-934-0966 (Toll-free 1-888-834-0966) or send us your contact info via the little form below and we'll get back to you ASAP! 

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