Newsletter: Three things to NOT do with H2Only water

We know you love H2Only water!  It’s pure. It’s clean. It’s tasty.

However, you just can’t use it for EVERYTHING!  Here are three good examples:
  1. Do not use it to take a bath…. unless, of course, you are Cleopatra. In that case, throw in some rose petals, too.
  2. Do not use it to fill your pool. Don’t laugh- we’ve had the calls!
  3. Do not use it to put out fires. Unless it’s a hot pepper in your mouth kind of fire. Then it is quite helpful!
Here are some better ideas for using H2Only:
  • Do make lemonade, iced tea, and any other beverage with it.
  • Do make all your ice cubes with it (no smell of chlorine in your drinks!)
  • Do use it to mix baby formula
  •  Do bring it along on all your adventures- whether going for a walk or bike ride, or on a trip to the cottage.
  • Do your pets a favour and keep them hydrated with PURE water.  Their little kidneys especially need pure water.
This June, we have sponsored a number of fund raisers, providing water for:
1.  the YWCA No Fixed Address event at General Motors Glendale
2.  the Cancer Assistance Program Walk at the Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton
 3. the Walk for Arthritis in Burlington

H2Only partners with Habitat for Humanity in Welland

H2Only water at Habitat for Humanity
H2Only water at Habitat for Humanity’s Welland build project
We are also quite excited to be providing all the water for the FIVE house builds that Habitat for Humanity is doing in Welland this summer. They’ve chosen to go green and instead of wasting hundreds and hundreds of plastic bottles, H2Only is donating water to be used in their own refillable bottles, which they are selling to raise funds for the build. A win-win!

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