Water Quality

Water quality is a significant issue, affecting all aspects of our lives.  

The higher the quality of the water we drink, the healthier we tend to be. H2Only is in the business of providing the best water possible to our customers:  obviously, we have a significant interest in this subject.  

This is the home page, the  table of contents to a series of articles dealing with water quality focusing particularly on the areas of health, science and technology.

This area is in constant development

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Our bodies consist largely of water: more than 60% of you is H2O.
Water quality is a central aspect of health.

It makes sense, then, to consider what water quality health might mean, wouldn't it?  How we maintain our level of hydration will have a significant impact on all kinds of things, whether day-to-day (hour-to-hour, even) and certainly from a long-term health perspective.

Visit the Water Quality Health area for more articles related to water quality and your health.

Water is  H2O, which is is a chemical formula.
And that is some water quality science!

  • What is water is​?
  • What else is in our water?
  • How does the science of purification happen?
  • What are these words whem talking about water quality?

Come and share our fascination with water quality science!

It takes technology to make clean  H2O nowadays

If you live in our delivery area, there isn't any water available in it's natural state that's fit to drink. None. Our lakes, rivers, streams and wells contain water that is generally unfit to drink. It takes equipment and know-how to create water that is healthy for you nowadays.

Want to learn more about water quality technology?

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