Water Quality Science

water quality science

Water is  H2O, which is is a chemical formula. And that is some water quality science!

In this area we will be exploring:

  • What water is. 
  • What else is in our water (it isn't all H2Only, as a matter of fact).
  • The science of purification .
  • The language used when talking about water quality.
  • Other topics relating to our drinking water that have a scientific basis.   

Now, don't get nervous. 
 We'll never be writing articles with titles like this: "Conversion of organic micropollutants with limited bromate formation during the Peroxone process in drinking water treatment." That's a whole lot more 'science' than we need here. Will the writers here be referring to such articles for information?  Quite likely, (I'm a geek that way), but H2Only isn't in the 'scientific journal'  business. When we write we will use English we can all understand!

Water is an amazing molecule. It really is quite magical in a lot of ways... and we look forward to sharing our fascination with you.

bottled water tds

On many water bottles you buy off the shelf, there is a list of ingredients.  Part of that list, somewhere on that label, you may find some letters  you may recognize but never (before today) understood: PPM and TDS.  Have you ever seen them before?  Do you know what they mean?

You are buying bottled water because it is better than tap water, right?   But is it? Read this primer post to get started learning about what you are drinking!

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