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About H2Only: Who, what, where, when, & why
A (maybe not so) brief introductory history and overview of H2Only Inc, answering the classic 'getting to know you' questions

Who H2Only is, as well as the "what, where, when, and why" of this bottled water delivery service business.

Who are we?

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H2Only Inc.

H2Only began as a sole proprietorship known initially as 'Purely Water Niagara' operated by John Snippe out of his home in the spring of 1994, with the name changed to H2Only Bottled Water Delivery Service a couple of years later. It was incorporated as H2Only Inc. in the Province of Ontario the summer of 2014, with John and Wilma Snippe as shareholders.

Starting with one worker (John) through the '90's, H2Only has grown to include a General/ Sales Manager (Wilma), an Office Manager/ Dispatcher (Janessa), a sort-of Operations Manager (John), and an excellent team running the shop and driving the trucks.

Take a moment to read Wilma or John's backstory to find out what drives them in this business.

What do we do?

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H2Only’s activities can be broken down into 4 distinct categories:

All of which is to say that we make very sure that each and every day offer the purest possible water and the best service we can to our customers.

At H2Only, we can also provide you with everything you need for your bottled-water dispensing needs. Whether you wish to purchase or rent a cooler, need a cooler temporarily, or to have your cooler cleaned, we can take care of it. Don't want a cooler? We have options!

Where are we?

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Originally located in our home, we soon moved to a location in Pt Weller East, right across from Happy Rolph’s… great neighbours! We’ve been at our current location at 2 Cushman Road, Unit 3, in St Catharines, since 2008. Please note that this is a production facility, and is not set up as a customer pick-up location.

Initially, we delivered in St Catharines exclusively. We have gradually expanded our delivery area, and now serve the entire Niagara Peninsula

Where does our water come from?

Well, sorry... it doesn't come from the Rocky Mountains or from an island in the Pacific. It doesn't come from a 'spring' (did you know the most popular 'spring water' in Ontario comes from a well in the middle of farm country just north of Hamilton?)

Our water is supplied to us by the Regional public water purification plant at Decew Falls. At our facility, it then gets cleaned. Really cleaned. Purified. We take it from 150-175 PPM TDS which includes a sampling from the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, and turn it into the 3PPM TDS (or less) water your tastebuds enjoy and your body craves.

When did H2Only happen?

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John started the business in 1994. It started out as ‘Purely Water Niagara’ , which changed to ‘H2Only Bottled Water Delivery Service’ in 1996. The company incorporated in 2014 as H2Only Inc.

  1. In 2007, H2Only acquired Lincoln Drinking Water, based in Beamsville
  2. In 2017, we acquired Aspen Water, also in Beamsville.
  3. In 2018, we acquired Peninsula Pure’s clients, based in Niagara Falls.

Why do we do it?

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There are many reasons why we started and continue to run this business. Most are practical. Some are altruistic. But at the end of the day, and the single reason John decided that RO bottled water was going to be his life’s work is that John and Wilma clearly understand the relationship between wellness, health, and drinking water.

H2Only's philosophy is very simple: Offer the very cleanest water we can make with the best customer service we can offer at a fair and reasonable price. That's it. Everything we do is motivated with that in mind, and whatever success we achieve is fully credited to that simple statement.

Our goals are as simple as our philosophy: we intend to keep doing exactly what we've been doing since 1994. Steady growth that we can manage, coupled with an ongoing commitment to quality in product and service, and equitable treatment of our staff.

pure reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service to your home and workplace in the niagara region