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Reverse osmosis drinking water - purity you can taste!
How does H2Only reverse-osmosis (RO) purified water happen? It is actually quite a process to get H2Only water to your glass, cup of coffee, or pot of soup!

H2Only's only product? Reverse osmosis purified drinking water - purity you can taste!

Well, not taste, actually. Pure water is flavourless... but you will notice the difference!

At the H2Only production facility at 2 Cushman Road, there are two separate systems: water production/storage, and bottling.

Reverse-osmosis purified water

That water is multi-stage reverse osmosis filtered and purified, and fully UV-sanitized with a total dissolved solids rating of less than 3 parts per million (<3PPM TDS). Check the label on the water you are currently drinking... how do we compare?

The water treatment system consists of basically three component areas: water tempering, filtration, and storage.

Tempering requires getting the water to the optimal temperature for the most effective and efficient filtration possible. For our system, that means we need the water to be at 67-70ºF as it enters the main filter banks.

The main component of the water production process is, of course, the filtration system. At H2Only, we use a six-stage process that includes charcoal, multi-stage particulate filtration, and twin-pass reverse-osmosis filtration at 150 PSI in a redundant multi-filter/multi-pass process. The end result: reverse-osmosis purified water at less than three parts per million, and usually at less than two. Water in commercial quantities doesn’t get cleaner, and home filtration doesn’t get anywhere near this level of purity.

The final production stage is storage. We store our water in two 2000L non-gassing food-grade rotomilled polyethylene tanks. Our production cycle typically drains those tanks every two work days (often daily)… our water does not sit in storage for any significant period of time.

Reverse osmosis purified water

Bottling process

The bottling system consists of three component areas: water polishing, bottle sanitation, and bottle filling .

H2Only’s water polishing is a two-stage process between the holding tanks and the bottling stage, including redundant UV sterilization and redundant charcoal/particulate filtration, with the purpose being assurance of no live biological contaminants, no particulate contaminants, and perfect taste.

The bottles go through cap removal & visual inspection, followed by an automated high-temperature wash/sanitation/rinse process. , including a caustic soap wash, rinse with a sanitizing agent, and final filtered water rinse.

All stages & steps include powerful jet action on the inside and the outside of the bottles with 155ºF water. The water at each stage is fresh. We are not reusing of the dirty water from the previous bottles at to wash the next batch. Yes it costs (a lot) more, but it does a better job, and when you are selling purified water cutting corners on cleanliness is not the best idea, is it?

After going through this extensive sanitizing process, the bottles once again visually inspected prior to being transferred to the bottling area bottling compartment for immediate filling and capping. Again: this is a steady system: we do not allow the bottles to be environmentally contaminated by waiting any length of time before we fill and cap.

Then, yet another visual inspection to make sure everything is up to standards, and the bottles are skidded in preparation for shipment to your door.

Then, the next morning, while the bottles are being loaded, and while being delivered, the bottles are constantly being checked by the delivery drivers to ensure cleanliness and that we are not delivering leakers (a ring of wetness under the bottle is a sure sign the bottle needs to go back to the plant for further leakage inspection)

pure reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service to your home and workplace in the niagara region