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3 & 5 gallon bottles of purified water. Volume & bulk pricing
Pure reverse osmosis water in sanitized 18.9 litre (5 gal.) and 11.7 litre (3 gal.) polycarbonate bottles with handles/ puncture caps for convenience and safety

H2Only delivers our purified water in 3 & 5 gallon (18.9 and 11.7 litre) bottles. Volume discounts and bulk pricing are available

All bottles are inspected, and if they pass that visual and 'sniff-test' inspection, they are washed and sanitized inside and out using 160ºF+ fresh water (no re-using the same wash water all day at H2Only, thank you very much)as well as high-solubility food-grade detergents, disinfectants, and sanitizers, in a multi-stage bottle cleaning process prior to immediate filling of the bottles after they've been through that system. You can read more about our processes on our 'reverse osmosis purified water' page

We bottle every workday, so our delivered water and bottles are always freshly processed, rather than sitting in a warehouse or on a store shelf for weeks/months!


5-gallon (18.7 litre) bottles :
Minimum delivery: four (4) bottles

3-gallon (11.9 litre)bottles:
Minimum delivery: four (4) bottles

Wholesale / Bulk Water Sales

H2Only can provide water in bulk containers, or we can sanitize and fill your 5-gallon bottles on a volume basis. We can also provide delivery (in our delivery zone) or facilitate shipping to your location.

We also offer wholesale pricing on our bottled water for large-volume users, most notably resellers and larger workplace scenarios.

If any of the above is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss the particulars of your situation and discover how H2Only can help and/or partner with you.

The "fine print":

H2Only has a a f0ur-bottle minimum delivery

H2Only charges a $10.00 refundable loss/damage deposit (+HST) on our bottles… be aware that an increasing number of companies do not offer refunds... you actually 'buy' the bottles from them and have to keep them if/when you decide to no longer use that company's services. But keep reading. We have a solution for you!

The prices above? That's the price. Delivery included. Everything included. H2Only doesn't charge fees or surcharges or anything like that. You can do the math and there won't be any surprises. You order four x five-gallon bottles, and you will see an invoice for 4 x $8.25 = $33.00. That's it.

Water bottle trade-in

H2Only introduces a new idea to the bottled water industry: water bottle trade-in. If you have a bottle from another company and do not want the hassle of returning it to them, or they won’t give you your deposit money back, we’ll take it. We only charge a $2.00 fee for re-labeling the bottle. We reserve the right to refuse bottles that are not up to our standards or are not compatible with our system (they must be polycarbonate, snap cap compatible, with a handle, and no molded signage, and undamaged), but 95% of the time the bottles are acceptable.

Why two bottle sizes?

Why do we sell our water in two bottle sizes? It's a good question. And we have a good answer!

For one thing, quite a few of our clients are challenged by the weight and bulk of our 5-gallon bottle. It is 51 pounds (20kg+), after all. Good service, then, means being able to provide those customers with a more manageable bottle, and the 3-gallon, being 20 pounds lighter and almost half the height, is certainly that.

Also, some of our clients need portability: they move these bottles from home to cottage or workplace. Again: the three-gallon bottle is more portable than the five-gallon bottle... another win for our customers

If the three-gallon is so terrific, why bother with the the five-gallon bottle?

Again, two reasons. First, for those who can handle this bottle (and it requires technique more than strength... it isn't that hard!), there is the convenience of an additional 2 gallons on the cooler or dispenser every time the change is made, so fewer bottle changes. Particularly in a high-volume setting, that benefit adds up!

Secondly: it is a lot less labour and waste at our facility to deal with five-gallon bottles. Both sizes go through the exact same process, so the 5-gallon bottle actually costs 40% less to process (per gallon) than the 3-gallon bottle. That increase in efficiency means we can offer a better price, as you can see on the price-list above. Lower cost to us equals lower cost to you... and that's always a big win, isn't it!

So there you have it: the three-gallon offers convenience, and the five offers efficiency. Your choice!

pure reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service to your home and workplace in the niagara region