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Bottled water accessories:
Bottled water coolers for sale, to rent, and cleaned
All your bottled water cooler needs: purchase or rent a room/cold temperature cooler, a short-term set-up, or have your cooler cleaned. H2Only takes care of it!

H2Only has you covered, whether you need a bottled water cooler to buy or rent, for an event, or cleaned.

Bottled water cooler sales, rental, and cleaning

Bottled water coolers are not the only option for dispensing your water (see our 'accessories' page for more options), but they sure are convenient. H2Only has your bottled water cooler needs covered!

Buy a bottled water cooler

H2Only carries ThermoConcept ‘Kelvin’ and 'Koncepts' bottled water coolers for sale. These coolers are manufactured in Canada and come with an outstanding three-year warranty, to assure you of trouble-free operation. Some water coolers nowadays come with a 90-day warranty… be sure to check!

These coolers are room/cold with high-grade plastic housings. Room temperature / cold comes in Dove Grey, and the hot / cold in White.


  • Room/cold: $250.00 +tx

Note: we do not carry bottom-loading coolers. We've not found them to be sufficiently reliable to offer to our clients.

Rent a water cooler

We also rent the above coolers at $99.00 per year billed annually, or $10.00 per month billed monthly. If you just did the math, you may have noticed that if you pay annually you get more than two months free!

If you've paid for a full year, but would like to cancel your rental, we'll calculate the rent-to-date based on the monthly rate, and any overage will be either be applied to your account or refunded... your choice (depending on account balance).

If you've paid full year, and would like to buy the cooler, we'll credit your account the same way as above against the purchase price for that year. We will also give you 1/3 of previous years' rentals as a credit, as a 'rent-to-own' benefit!

Coolers for short term use or an event

Have an event where you'll be serving bottled water? Don't want to use disposable bottles? Call us. We'll get you set up. For more information about this service please visit our 'short-term bottled water set-ups' page

Cooler cleaning

H2Only offers "Spa Day" for your cooler!

HH2Only has a cooler spa service! We pick up your cooler and bring it to our shop, where our deep-clean specialist gives it a thorough de-scaling, cleaning, and sanitizing. It takes about 30-45 minutes to deep-clean a cooler, and that is after a 24-hour+ soak (if needed). Naturally, while your cooler is at our spa, we'll bring you a loaner so you do not have to be without water while your unit is having it’s mini-holiday!

Spa service: $35.00 per cooler.

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