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H2Only Christmas Carols
At H2Only, we sing the songs of the season a little differently

At H2Only, we sing the songs of the season with a bit of a twist!

We're a water bottle delivery company, so maybe we look at things from a slightly different perspective. We bet a lot of other professional delivery drivers can relate, though ;) H2Only Christmas Carols

I’m dreaming of a mild Christmas
Not like the ones I used to know,
where the roads are clear
and walkways salted,
and there’s no nasty ice or snow!


Bottles safely in a closed warm space
no frost nipping at their nose
ice and snow can have their place
but jugs will split when they are froze.


When you ring, we are listening,
but in your lane, is snow glistening?
Can our drivers get around,
have you gone out and ploughed
for deliveries in a winter wonderland?


pure reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service to your home and workplace in the niagara region