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What are we at H2Only thankful for this season? Faithfulness!
Times have been and appear to be staying tough... so we are very grateful!

H2Only has the BEST clients. For sure!

Just before thanksgiving a couple of weeks back, we sent out an email to all our clients. In that email, we talked about what it is for which we as a company are most thankful: faithfulness.

Like so many others in the last couple of years, our business has had to deal with covid, supply chain issues, staff shortages, and crazy fuel prices. Last winter, we even had snow days for the first time!

Yet even with all these challenges, we rarely missed a day of delivering. And through all of it, our customers, have been so FAITHFUL! I was training a new driver last week. I was so struck to be able to tell him, over and over, that the client he was delivering to has been with us the entire time we have been in business - 28 years now. That is unheard of in today’s world.

Faithfulness is rare - especially in business. We’ve done our best to be faithful to our customers with all the trials we’ve all faced of late. And so, we are very thankful for their faithfulness in the recent past and going forward.

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As mentioned above, the gist of the post above was sent as a thanksgiving email. Below are some reply extracts:

Thank you for your faithfulness, Wilma. Through all weather and problems, never a problem with delivery in all those years, that is quite something! Happy Thanksgiving to you and family
Good afternoon Wilma - we got your Thanksgiving newsletter. I found myself very teary. It’s we the customers who should be thanking you & your outstanding staff for YOUR FAITHFULNESS!!

No matter what the weather - we have never not had a delivery. What was stellar in my books Is that during the whole time of Covid, at no point did H2Only ever say it was too dangerous or that they were not going to deliver during the pandemic. On the contrary … You and your staff rose up and went above and beyond to ensure that everyone would continue to receive their deliveries with no hesitation or disruption to service.

H2Only offers an exceptional product, with THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever & for that we are ever so grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your staff Wilma. We appreciate YOUR faithfulness & if God gives us the years, I sure would love to say that we are a 28 year (or longer)client!!

Thanks for your outstanding service! We have not been with you 28 years but are very grateful for your friendly & faithful service the years we have been with you!

Happy thanksgiving to you!

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