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Convenient bottled water dispensing and storage accessories

H2Only has you covered for all your bottled water hardware needs: Cups, urns, fridge boxes, bottle pumps, storage racks to make bottled water more convenient.

H2Only supplies bottled water dispensing and storage products and hardware for your convenience and needs

Dispensing fridge-box

Our polycarbonate fridge box (same material as our bottles) is very popular. It holds two gallons and has a tap. Dimensions are roughly 20x20x30cm (8x8X12″) so it easily fits in the fridge… or it can be kept on the counter, table, where-ever. You can even invert our water bottle on it: our ‘Poorboy Cooler’!

Priced at $20.00

Operating note: don’t tighten the lid when using, as the vacuum created will stop the water coming out after about two cups of water have been dispensed.


Retro paper cone cups - sleeve of 200 @ $4.50

Eco 4-oz compostable cups- sleeve of 50 @ $4.00

Reusable 7-oz plastic cups 70 cups @ $5.75

Water Bottle Storage Racks

Simple storage at it’s best! If you’d prefer to not have them all over your floor getting in the way and taking up valuable space, these racks for your water bottles are an easy way to keep the area neat and organized. Designed to be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the bottles, protect them, and look good doing it, this is the way to go!

Looking for bottled water cooler info? Please visit our water cooler page!

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