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Water delivery scheduling - you have choices
Do you want your water delivery on a schedule? We can do that. Would you rather just call when you need it? We can do that, too!

You can choose when you get your water delivered!*

Did you know that at H2Only, you have choices when it comes to having your bottled water delivered? You can either choose to call whenever you need a delivery or you can set up a delivery schedule. You also can adjust how often you get a scheduled delivery, depending on how often we are in your delivery area , and how much water you go through in that period.

Scheduling set deliveries works well in larger work environments where the front office isn't checking the water supply and then hears that the warehouse is all out of water. It also works for residences where you just keep forgetting to order until you are already out of water. By setting a schedule, we will ensure that you are continually well supplied. The delivery person will check the number of bottles full and empty and deliver accordingly, leaving a chit showing what was delivered that day.

In other words, if you have a running inventory of ten bottles, but only six are empty on a particular day, we pick up the six empties and just replace those. You would be invoiced the next day for what you received that day. If, however, you are consistently taking two or three out of those ten, we would likely adjust your schedule and come less often.

For other customers, calling or emailing to place a water delivery request is a preferred method of receiving water delivery. This is ideal for job sites where the number of employees fluctuates or the seasonal temperatures impact employee consumption.

For example, an auto mechanic shop gets quite warm in the summer months, and the mechanics drink much more than they tend to in the winter months. For residences, many factors come into play: how many children live at home or visit on weekends, whether work is done from home, seasonal changes, and travel needs. By simply calling in as needed, you aren't overwhelmed with water that just keeps coming, nor do you run out of water. If you call in before 5PM, we will be there the next day we are in your delivery area. water delivery scheduling choices

So, what's right for you?

You may find that you have a consistent pattern of ordering. For instance, you need a delivery every three weeks pretty much without fail. If that is the case, it might make sense to be on a schedule and forget about it. However, if there is fluctuation in how often you need water, simply placing your order as needed is a better option.

At H2Only, we don't have a contract for you to sign, and you can arrange to not take a scheduled delivery that you don't need, or to change the amount.

Our staff usually sends out a brief reminder e-mail several days ahead of a scheduled delivery to check if you still need us to come by. If so, we'll be there. If not, we will re-schedule for a more suitable day for you. Our job is to serve you in the best way we can!

*Choice is limited only by when we are scheduled to be in your heighbourhood - check our zone map

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